Independent valuation

The “MacCapital” company operates in appraisal of facilities, property complexes, land, securities, businesses and intangible assets.

Priority areas of our company valuation activities are:

  • Valuation of business property for financial reports in accordance with IAS (IFRS),  ASU
  • Property and business valuation for investment and management decision-making
  • Reviewing of property valuation reports
  • investment consulting (project feasibility, business plan, investment memorandum)
  • management consulting in accounting and effective management of company’s assets
Due Diligence
  • Financial Due Diligence is a deep and comprehensive financial analysis of business aimed at exact profitability estimation of potential acquisition
  • Market Due Diligence is detailed and impartial research of a particular object in the market. The procedure consists of valuation of production and technology development, comparative analysis of a business and its competitors as well as the definition of company perspectives
  • Operation and technical Due Diligence includes the study of technical base and production facilities of a business