”MacCapital” Ltd is a company providing valuation and consulting services in financial and economic activities of enterprises.

The company’s main mission is comprehensive assistance in Client business development under actual market economy conditions by optimizing the use of available recourses and risk minimization in order to achieve excellent financial performance. Understanding and adequate perception of market peculiarities of Ukraine allow us to develop the methodological features of company activities for integrated solution of assigned goals.

Our clients are companies of various ownership forms. We provide our clients with high quality standard services based on deep professional skills of all our employees and the company overall.

Our company’s main objective  is continuous  improvement  of professional services. “MacCapital’s” team consists of highly experienced specialists working in consultancy for more than 10 years. Our company pays special attention to upgrading our existing procedures of appraisers and consultants as well as permanent training of our specialists that give us an opportunity to develop confidently the existing areas and master new dimensions of our business.

“MacCapital” Ltd offers high quality professional consulting services in order to achieve the best possible financial performance of our clients.